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file transfer copy document backup to laptop from between computer icon symbol illustration syncDropbox and Box are the Coke and Pepsi of document storage, synching, and collaboration applications. They offer variations on types of subscription plans, storage capacity, sharing, and security.

In a previous article, How Lawyers Use Dropbox, we learned about the different ways lawyers use the application in their practice. But, Box has made a concerted push into the legal space with a focus on security for enterprise-level customers.

How do these two giants stack up against each other in essential features and security? See comparison chart below.





Storage space (personal) Free plan comes with 10GB storage and 250 MB Max File Size. The Pro plan is $10 / month for 100 GB Storage and 5 GB Max File Size Free plan comes with 2 GB storage. The Pro plan is $9.99 / month for 1TB. Both free plans are good for solos. Use both - 10GB Box for archived files and Dropbox for files synched with Desktop folder for current matters.
Enterprise plans Business plan is $15 / user / month with unlimited storage. Additional Enterprise edition pricing available for larger firms. Business plan is $15 / user / month with unlimited storage with a minimum of 3 Users, and 5 GB Max File Size. Additional Enterprise edition pricing available for larger firms. Either plan works for small firms.
Version history Available for Business plans. Up to 30 day history for free and Pro plans and unlimited for Business plans. Business plans are similar for this important feature which provides access to previously saved versions of documents.
Collaboration and Sharing Share one file or an entire folder. Users can set permissions to limit document access. Invite external parties to collaborate and contribute. Invite members to join a shared folder, or create a group for your team and give the entire group access. Protect links to files shared externally with passwords and expiration dates. Both offer external sharing with security measures.
Microsoft Office Integration Available with all Business plans. Available with all plans Edit any Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files in your browser right from Dropbox or Box.
Integration with Legal Practice Management systems Yes Yes Both integrate with thousands of applications including LPMs.
Two-Factor Authentication Available for all Business plans. Available for all plans. This should be considered a minimum level of security.
Basic Encryption All Business plans offer SSL and At Rest Encryption. All plans offer 256-bit AES and SSL encryption. This should also be considered a minimum level of security.
Ultimate Encryption Enterprise plans offer Box KeySafe where you own and control the encryption keys. With KeySafe Box can never see or access your encryption keys. Doesn't support the creation of your own private keys but users can add third party applications such as Boxcryptor. The key can't be retrieved so don't lose it. Use a password manager to store it.

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