DoxieGoDoxie delivers modern portable scanners that make it easy to scan, organize, and share – everywhere you go. With smart cordless scanners and amazing software, Doxie delivers paperless for everyone. Doxie Go is the award-winning way to scan all your documents and finally go paperless – no computer required. Amazing companion software gives you everything you need in one box. Doxie Go makes scanning your paper easy. Just charge it up and turn it on, anywhere – insert your documents, photos, cards, and receipts to scan, archive, and share. No computer or device required – just insert your sheet. Doxie’s tiny – the size of a rolled-up magazine – and the rechargeable battery and built-in memory let you scan anywhere. When you’re done, tuck it in your bag or a drawer. Doxie's always ready, and never in your way. We recommend the Doxie Go Wi-Fi for $229. All the power of Doxie Go, plus built-in Wi-Fi- sync wirelessly to Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad.