TranscriptPadTranscriptPad is the easiest and most effective way to annotate depositions — but not just for attorneys. Edward Gannon, Forensic, Advisory and Valuation Services Principal at Kaufman Rossin & Co. regularly uses TranscriptPad as an expert witness in collaboration with his law firm clients, and with his own team.

Ed graciously agreed to share how using TranscriptPad has saved his clients money, and helped grow his practice:

How has TranscriptPad impacted your work?

"Even if the attorney I am working with doesn't have an iPad, TranscriptPad is a part of my workflow. The number one reason why I use TranscriptPad is efficiency.

TranscriptPad is a fully functional and very powerful transcript digestion and annotation tool that I use in the office or on the go on my iPad. Because of its ease of use and portability, I now read, highlight, and create reports in about 50% less time. In the Pre-TranscriptPad days, I would mark up paper transcripts or scroll through PDFs, cutting and pasting relevant sections into my expert reports. The time savings translates directly to my clients' bills — which makes them happy; it also frees me up to take on more projects, which makes me happy."

You mentioned collaboration. Can you elaborate?

"Collaboration with attorneys that own TranscriptPad always goes well, but it went especially well in a recent matter. The attorney had several transcripts to give me to review, but all of them needed to be edited beforehand for strategy purposes as I formed my opinion. Just a few months ago it would have taken hours of his or his staff's time to properly redact all those transcripts for my benefit, but he used TranscriptPad and sent it to me in a fraction of the time."

You're a fan of TranscriptPad reports. Please explain why.

"Perhaps the greatest function in TranscriptPad is the reports. Matters with many long transcripts are made manageable using TranscriptPad reports. My senior staff reviews transcripts for specific issues, and sends the reports to me to for further evaluation. It is so easy to create and share reports on a marked up transcript, or even the entire transcript, and our team can accurately and thoroughly get through hundreds of pages in very little time as compared to before."

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LitSoftwareAbout the Author: Seizing on what would become a significant opportunity in the market, namely the iPad and its associated App Store, Lit Software, LLC was formed in 2010 to develop and bring to the global legal market unique and innovative iPad apps for the litigation process. Lit Software’s initial and flagship product, TrialPad for iPad, combined a unique and intuitive user interface with reliability and functionality, and increased user effectiveness and productivity in and out of the courtroom. Lit Software’s second app, TranscriptPad for iPad, was introduced in early 2012 and proved that TrialPad was not a one-hit-wonder.