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Remember pin the tail on the donkey?

blindYou were blindfolded, spun around three times with a donkey’s tail attached to a thumb tack and asked to pin that tail at the targeted spot just south of the animals back. The party goers watching the game take place would ooh and ah as the person taking his or her turn would wander off in a strange direction or when the one person would seemingly ‘see’ through the blindfold and pin that tail precisely on the rump of the donkey.

Some attorneys treat their lead generation like a simple child’s party game—they spin around and pin their investments here, there and everywhere without much thought or system to track which is working and which is not. What’s more, they don’t even know that it’s possible.

No one can promise to make your phone ring. Naturally, that’s a goal every attorney is driving toward. However, I challenge you that there should be another goal appended to the one of making the phone ring, and that is, knowing how to identify where the rings are coming from. Imagine no longer having to wonder if 50% of your marketing is or isn’t working and if it isn’t, which 50% is it?

Believe it or not, you can establish a plan that will manage the steps that will allow this.

Driving leads to your practice using different forms of media with systems will allow you to more easily manage your entire hiring process.

dartsLet’s think about it this way, if you don’t have a way to harvest the data for your leads, what happens? Well, if you know your cost per lead is 50 bucks and you don’t harvest the data and vital information for every potential client or customer, you might as well just burn the $50 bill because your job is to follow-up with people until they buy, die or unsubscribe. If you don’t have a system in place to manage effective follow up your money to acquire that lead will be spent in vain.

The first step is to be sure you are tracking the data about all of your prospects. How do we do that? Remember, the first thing is having a system. I love InfusionSoft—a CRM and marketing cloud-based software that allows automating much of this product. However, if you don’t have Infusionsoft, it doesn’t matter if you are using Excel, pen and paper or chalk on the sidewalk; make sure you start harvesting the data for every one of the prospects that comes into your business. If you use a proprietary system to harvest data then by all means you can use that. It may not be as sophisticated or automated as I would like, but at least we can get you in the right direction.

How are we going to track the information from the lead source? Well, the fundamental way is to ask yourself: ‘Okay, how do my leads come in?’

How do they typically come in?

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Snail mail
  • Publication forms via mail
  • Live event attendance
  • Walk-Ins
  • Chat leads through the internet
  • Online opt-in forms for newsletters, free information

Let’s unpack phone calls first. Everywhere that you have a unique advertisement either by category or by message, you need to have a unique phone number. One of the clients I managed had 260 unique phone numbers.

You might be thinking: ‘What? Two hundred and sixty unique phone numbers? Are you kidding?’

No, I’m not kidding. Everywhere we had a unique message placement category or media we had a unique phone number. For example, in our Yellow Book ad, there was a unique phone number for the front inside cover and for the back inside cover. We also had a unique phone number for every single ad in the different placements in the phonebook. Why is that important? We could tell you that the back inside cover generated more phone calls than the front inside cover, almost by twice. But, the inside front cover generated more revenue than the inside back cover. All I need is that data to ask myself, ‘What can I do with this data? How can I extrapolate this information to use it to my benefit later on? How can I use it to test ads in the future?’

The point is, you need a phone number for every lead source: newspaper; radio; Google; pay-per-click; form fills, etc. You may say, ‘That’s expensive. I know how much it costs to get a phone number?’

Two things; 1) it’s not as expensive as you think and 2) it’s not expensive, it’s an investment. The way I was able to help a Phoenix law firm go from $0 to 3.5 million in the last business was because I knew things that my competition didn’t because I tracked everything and they didn’t. We were using a laser beam when they were using a shotgun.

So stop pinning the tale on the donkey when it comes to your leads. A laser beam approach will provide the data you need to invest your marketing dollars where they are truly yielding results.

RichardJamesAbout the Author: Richard James, Founder and President of Automated Business Results, has earned a reputation as a national “Legal Systems Expert.” He built a consumer law firm in Arizona from zero to over $3.5 million in annual sales in just over two years. His legacy also includes a career of building businesses in five different industries bringing his proven formula to each to achieve success. His success ingredient is simple: systems. Richard believes that systems should run your law firm and people should run your systems.

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