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Who we are:

We have served Mac-using lawyers throughout North America since 2006 and are 14-year members of the Apple Consultants Network and we haven’t taken on a non-legal client since 2014!

Our CEO, Tom Lambotte, has been nationally recognized by the American Bar Association through his book published by the Law Practice Division and as a recurring speaker at ABA Techshow. Tom is a regular contributor to Attorney at Work, Law Practice Today, and a frequent guest on nationally syndicated legal podcasts.

All of our services align around our company’s mission: "Help Lawyers Grow by Leveraging Apple Technology."

How we can help you:

Take, for example, Carolyn, the office manager at Bick Law LLP located in Newport Beach, CA.

Coming from Big Law, the attorneys were used to the caliber and support that comes from having an in-house IT team. They went through three IT companies in 3 years, with the final one recommending to spend $26k on a new Windows server, telling them it would be “so much easier” if they were on Windows.

The attorneys at Bick Law had three goals:

  • Increase the ability to work remotely
  • Tech Support team that was attentive and familiar with Macs and were able to understand their workflow
  • Embrace more solutions to improve efficiency

Since joining us in 2017, Carolyn has reported:

  1. reduced downtime
  2. reliable infrastructure
  3. controlled spending

In addition, Carolyn reported significant improvements in their daily processes and that we helped the firm achieve their intended goals for:

  • IT infrastructure
  • security
  • productivity

Hello, and welcome!

Tom here. I have helped Mac-using lawyers since 2006.

Two things I love to do are helping people get everything they can out of all they've got when it comes to technology, and simplifying the complex.

As an outlet for this focus for well over a year. I have written a weekly blog series, “Stupid Simple Mac Tips” where I share a Mac-efficiency tip in 300 words or less.

I cut out the pointless banter and break down the HOW in the simplest of terms, allowing you to quickly learn, implement and boost your productivity.

I put together the “33 Stupid Simple Mac Tips Guide” to provide you with some quick wins. I guarantee you will learn something new that will boost your productivity.

If you would like similar results as Bick Law LLP, I encourage you to pick up our 33 Stupid Simple Mac Tips Guide by entering your information below.

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