Tom Lambotte

Tom Lambotte is the CEO of GlobalMacIT, a national Managed Service Provider that provides complete end-to end legal technology services to Mac-Based law firms. Their services provide leadership and direction to transform law firm operations and boost profits by leveraging technology. Tom’s methods are based on close to a decade of research, testing and real-world refinement of Best Practices, working directly with Mac-based law firms and firms switching from PC to Mac.

Tom is the author of Hassle Free Mac IT Support for Law Firms and Legal Boost: Big Profits Through an IT Transformation. He also has a forthcoming book being published by the ABA Law Practice Division titled Macs in Law. He is a highly sought after speaker at national events such as the ABA Techshow and MacTrack Legal.

Tobias Morrison
Principal Systems Administrator

Tobias works as an OS X System and Server Administrator, Mobile Device Manager and Daylite and Billings Pro Administrator. He holds a number of Apple certifications such as Support Professional (10.6, 10.7, 10.8), Technical Coordinator (10.7, 10.8) and holds his Mobile Technology Competency. In addition, he is a Daylite Master Partner and is Billings Pro Certified.

Tobias holds a Bachelor Degree in Film History and Theory, Media Production and Communications from Cleveland State University. In addition, Tobias studied Radio, Television and Film at Bowling Green State University.

Having over 10 years of industry experience, Tobias worked as System Support Specialist and Apple Business Consultant, as well as a Business Development Leader at Allegiance IT Ltd. He describes himself as a ‘Father of twins and a three year-old music prodigy’, retired semi-professional musician, and bird watcher.


Chris Henke
Marketing Director & Controller

Chris is responsible for internal managerial accounting, handling all billing and accounting, director of marketing, and is also the human resources director at GlobalMac IT.

He holds Bachelor Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Akron College of Business, in other words, an advertising degree. He really loves the nostalgic ads of the 1920s thru 1960s coupled with their simplistic designs. He is a big advocate of the whiteboard and all of its brainstorming powers that help drive out those truly one of a kind ideas!

Before joining GlobalMac IT, Chris worked with several companies and has over 4 years of office management experience, developed entire marketing plans for businesses and has been continually interested in startups and how they operate.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys traveling around the nation, meeting new people (brought on by being a bass player in a touring band for 7 years!), and loves spending time outdoors. He also enjoys planning and constructing mini-projects consisting of end tables, book cases, artwork or other neat household items to give his home that unique "ad man" touch.

Thomas Kimbel
Client Success Officer

Thomas graduated in 2010 from Lake Washington Technical College in Kirkland, Washington with an Associates Degree in Animation and Game Design. He moved to Montana in 2011 and acquired a help desk job at a local IT company that was an Apple Authorized Service Provider, where he headed all of the support for Apple Users. This is where he found his love for Apple products, which led him to earning his technical certifications becoming an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician and Apple Certified Support Professional, along with several special certifications for specific Apple hardware. He is the Client Success Officer with GlobalMac IT where he thrives on continually extending his technical knowledge while always going above and beyond to deliver the best possible experience to our clients.

Thomas describes himself as an avid video game enthusiast, golfer and “car guy”. He spends most of his free time with his girlfriend, Brita, and playing with his high energy Toy Australian Shepherd, Berkeley.


Brad Stumpp
Client Success Officer

Brad graduated from the University of Akron, in 2015, with a Bachelor’s Degree in French and Francophone Studies and earned his Certificate in Computer Forensics. While in college, he worked on campus at the University of Akron School of Law IT Office, gaining knowledge and experience in troubleshooting for attorneys. During his college career, Brad also worked at the Genius Bar, at an Apple Retail Store in Cleveland, Ohio, further specializing his knowledge with Macs and Apple products.

Brad has always had a deep interest in computers, and built his first computer when he was 15 years old. In college, Brad fell in love with Macs and all Apple products. He enjoys the never-ending learning that occurs in the IT field.

In his spare time, Brad collects and restores antique fans and is a member of AFCA, an antique fan club. He also loves taking road trips around the United States with his wife, Jasmine. Their favorite road trip is the Pennsylvania stretch of The Lincoln Highway, also known as, Route 30. They hope to one day drive the entire Lincoln Highway from downtown New York to California. He and his wife are expecting their first child in January of 2016.


Mike Bradbury
Project Manager

Mike has been a lifelong Mac user and had just under 11 years working at Apple. That experience began while studying Computer Information Systems at Kent State University when he began working in Apple’s higher education marketing. His love for Apple’s technology led him to work at Apple Retail.

With a focus on customer service he has held many positions in the company and received accolades from colleagues and superiors throughout his time at Apple. Working in the Business Team, he delivered better solutions to business clients. As a Genius he worked not only on software and hardware support but also to make transformational customer experiences using Apple technology. He holds certifications in OS X, iOS, Hardware and Software Support and is an Apple Product Professional. With a long tenure at Apple, Mike has trained hundreds of fellow employees, helped opened new Apple Stores and supported Apple in several locations beyond northeastern Ohio. He also brings several years working in Apple Operations and joins GlobalMacIT with a specialization in project management, customer experience and leveraging technology in the work environment.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Mike is an aspiring photographer and comic fan who loves playing around with technology of all kinds.


Megan Wiant
Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Megan will more than likely be the first person you speak to when calling into GlobalMac IT. With her thorough listening skills and communication skills, she will be able to get you to the right person so you are able to receive the help you need! Along with many other tasks, Megan is here to help the team stay organized and focused on what they do best! Prior to joining our team, Megan has been able to amass almost 10 years of customer service and management experience. Organization, Operations Management, and Customer Experience are three big strengths which she is able to contribute to our team, and we’re glad to have her.  Megan worked at Apple as a mobile technician for two years and prior to that was in management at American Eagle.

Megan lives in Tallmadge, Ohio where she absolutely loves spending time with her parents, brother, friends, and of course her furry children: Buster the jack russell terrier, Petey the yorkie and Doodle the bunny! Two out of three of Megan’s fur babies are rescued. She is very passionate about animal rescuing and animals in general. She wants to rescue many more animals in her future and hopefully live in Florida one day where she is surrounded by alligators, her favorite animal!


Jared Nay
Client Success Officer

Jared graduated in 2011 from The University of North Texas in Denton, TX with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in New Media Art. While in college, he was self-employed as a freelance graphic designer where he delivered polished final designs to all of his clients. Most recently, he worked at the Genius Bar in three different Apple Stores where he became proficient in Apple software and online services solutions.

Jared was introduced to computers in the early 90s with a computer running Windows 3.1, the first consumer level Microsoft operating system. His first Apple product was a Blueberry iBook when he was 12 years old. His father, being a graphic designer, gave him early copies of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. His love for Apple and technology has grown ever since.

Jared spends his free time reading tech and videogame news, watching good movies, or playing computer games. He and his wife live in Copley, Ohio.


Zeus was one the founding members of GlobalMac IT and has been around since inception, back in 2007. His primary responsibilities include tearing the stuffing out of toys, laying in the sun, and sprinting around the office like a lightning bolt. Although he is over 7 years old, we call him the ‘eternal puppy.’ He holds a degree from Bulldog University, and he graduated top of his class with a bachelor in Toy Destruction, it took a long time to find toys he could not destroy in the first day. Zeus enjoys being outdoors, indoors, on couches, under desks and, well, anywhere you are! While visiting the office, you may find Zeus greeting you at the door. Do not be alarmed - although he may seem tough, he is nothing more than a playful puppy at heart.


Luna joined GlobalMac IT back in 2008, and she brings many valuable skills along with her. She is responsible for sleeping on the floor, snooping around the office, chewing up anything she can find on the floor, and snoring very loudly. She graduated from Bulldog University with a bachelor in Hole Digging, which explains her passion to snoop around the office and chew up random items! Luna enjoys sleeping, digging holes in the yard and making dog noises resembling Chewbacca from Star Wars. While visiting the office, you will find her close on Zeus' tail for greeting you at the door. Do not be alarmed, she is a sweetie.